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PostPosted: Mon Nov 25, 2013 11:31 pm 
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here's my half-asleep morning review copy pasted directly from my convo with a friend on fb:

NB: bennies below is of course meown

Nah it's
Played it last night for a couple hours with bennies and ccp
Basically ran around in the dark staring at ccps naked arse for an hour trying to find bennies
Starved to death but killed him with a rock to the head before he starved to save him the pain
Then re spawn and outta nowhere this kiwi cunt is been bagging out over main chat appears outta the dark naked and with nothing like me
But I make friends with him and he says he wants to hunt bennies and ccp down and cut off their hands to make a necklace
I tell him I'll help and he says I can have the bottom half
Then I hear the sound I soon came to dread: a silenced gun
Kiwi falls dead in front of me then I die
Next respawn I run into another naked new spawned cunt
I ask him where he's from he says Sydney
I say you filthy fucking southern Leb cu-I mean hey mate nice to meet ya I'm from NQ
He hits me with the rock then I manage to calm him down and I follow him
Ask him where he's goin he says he's going to raid some cunts so in like cool brah I'll come murder em with ya. Then ten seconds later he falls off a high rock and dies. Check his body the cunt has nothing

There are random planes that occasionally fly over that para drop supplies
One flies over and benbies sees the para drop at same time from other side if the mountain so we both head to it to meet up
He meets some cunt and is chatting to him
I'm makin my way there
Hear the dreaded pew pew
I yell out to him over game voice and also accidentally over ts
He murders me
I'd had a few tallies by this point
Some cunt told me NQ is like the movie deliverance over main chat so I set out to muder him
Another thought I was from cairns and I said tsv fuk wit and he says same thing so I set out to murfer him too
I also set out to murder what seemed to be 2-3 chinks on the server spamming it up with Chinese characters
Shawn randomly spawns near me
We hunted a pig
Had to run from nerds
Found some other nerds
We were starving and begged for food
Shawn pretended to be Aussie on the mic so he wouldn't be insta murdered
He must've fooled then cause these cunts with guns didn't shoot us
One drops me a bag and runs off
I open it
It has a fucjin hatchet it it I'm like bro pls need food
Finally he drops another bag it's got some food
Before I can grab it he picks it up again and runs off
Cunt is trolling me
I chase him begging then raging tellin him I'll kill him irl until I starve to death

Bennies and I agreed that it's kinda stupid u start naked as it detracts from the rofl shock value of being naked. At least start with a shirt and shorts that u can take off, that way u gotta put in effort to be naked. Shawn disagrees and thinks its cool starting naked prolly cause he's a fucking poofter

i know this firsthand from second life, when bennies and i played it for one day
i was a black manb walkin around with a big erect penis (white at first until someone told me how to colour th epenis)
its only shocking cause u start with clothes not fucking naked
i asked if u can craft a big erect penis in rust and bennies said no which is disappointing
i had an idea tho which bennies thought was brilliant
atm the cocks are all the same size
it should be random
ranging from micropenis to lex steel
or maybe not completely random each spawn; maybe distributed on a bell curve
so micro penises and lex steels are super rare and hence more valuable
ill suggest it on the forums along with adding pants to the default kit
all in all on a scale of 1 to me i'd give the game about an 8
well worth the $20 bennies paid for my copy
I suspect cunts were so hostile on the server we played on cause there were lots of foreign cunts and asians
or just southern cunts being racist against NQ
interestingly but not surprisingly the only cunt i ran into that was friendly was that kiwi i'd been talking shit to on the main chat

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Trump is going to lose to Hillary in a landslide, he is literally the only candidate who could have lost to her, we will have 4-8 more years of lefty insanity, possible lose the congress, and have a liberal dominated supreme court for a generation.

And I fucking blame you fuckwits who voted for Trump in the primary, classic low information voter.

We need pull taxes, to cull the opinions of DINDU's and inbred Trump supporters. >>::$

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